Karina’s Story (IVF and Beyond)

Our patient recently delivered her adorable son and wrote about her treatment at Florida Complete Wellness while undergoing IVF. We are grateful for her letter and feel she is truly an inspiration!

“Thanks to the knowledge and expertise of Dr. Farrar Duro at Florida Complete Wellness, I am now a blessed mother of two. My journey began about 5 yeas ago, when after many failed attempts at TTC naturally and after 2 failed inseminations, I came across Florida Complete Wellness’ website while researching Mayan abdominal massage.I made an appointment with her and from the first session I felt a lot better. My PCOS symptoms started to fade away and I began having a period every 28 days. She was very thorough and checked my hormones with saliva testing. This is what I love about her practice, she combines Western medical knowledge with her Eastern medicine practice.

Because she also works closely with reproductive endocrinologists, after seeing her for a while and still not conceiving, she knew that perhaps there was something more we were missing. That’s when she told me to see Dr. Wood at IVFMD to get an immunological workup. It turns out I had a blood-clotting disorder and an autoimmune disorder preventing pregnancy. If it wasn’t for Dr. Duro I would’ve continued wasting time trying to get pregnant. So 4 years after the first attempt at trying to have a baby I finally got my BFP (big fat positive) with the first IVF attempt, treatment for the autoimmune disorder and acupuncture from Dr. Duro.

We did acupuncture with all three of my IVF treatments in preparation and the day of transfer, and I firmly believe it contributed to growing a healthy lining and strong implantation. It was also comforting to have her there during the day of transfer, plus the acupuncture, hypnosis playlist and her napkin with oils that she placed close to my face for me to smell was very relaxing. With this last pregnancy I did acupuncture and Mayan massage starting at 36 weeks in preparation for delivery, and I also firmly believe it’s what helped me deliver my 8 lb, 4 oz baby boy naturally. I will forever be grateful for Dr. Duro’s compassion, knowledge and always being so positive. She was always a breath of fresh air during such a difficult time. God has given her amazing talent and he placed her in my path when I needed her the most.

The key to my journey was always believing that it would happen, never losing hope, praying without ceasing, crying with every BFN (big fat negative) but always dusting off and trying again. No matter how hard the struggle it was all well worth it in the end.”

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