It’s National Infertility Awareness Week!!

This week all of us at Florida Complete Wellness want to give our support to the millions of women and couples who struggle with trying to conceive. We will be featuring inspiring patient stories, LIVE Q&A’s, treatment giveaways on Instagram and virtual fertility yoga classes to help bring more awareness to our community.
Please join us tomorrow night at 7 PM EST on Instagram Live to hear Marline’s story.
Marline was one of my very first patients who I treated over 15 years ago during her IVF cycle (yes, that long ago!!)
After multiple unsuccessful IUI cycles, Marline became pregnant during her first IVF cycle. Unfortunately, she lost the pregnancy at 22 weeks.
Bravely, she embarked on another IVF cycle which resulted in the birth of twin boys.
Her journey took her on another set of roller coasters with unexpected twists and turns. She also now have a 3 year old healthy baby boy as a result.
In an effort to help other women in the process, she has turned her daily fertility journal entries into a published work in the form of a book. Titled, “It’ll Happen by 30…,” and currently in the proof stage, it captures the day-to-day, ins and out of this complicated process. Hopefully, sharing her experience can help motivate another woman/couple while on their own journey.
If you or a loved one have been struggling with infertility…please join us right here on Instagram!
We also want to invite you to check out our free events throughout the week such as our upcoming Live Fertility Q&A and chat with former patients with Dr. Ellen Wood and myself on Wednesday.
And….this Thursday we’re very excited to announce our first virtual Fertility Yoga Happy Hour on Zoom!
And last but not least, make sure to follow us on Instagram to enter our free treatment giveaway contest this week!! You can follow us right here…

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