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Is Acupuncture Right For You? Here’s What You Need to Know About Fertility Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been used in China since as early as 4,000 B.C., but Western research into acupuncture’s benefits began to increase dramatically in the 1960s and ‘70s with the advent of new technology and scientific techniques. Now, there are many options available to those who are hoping to conceive by using infertility treatments like In Read More

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Menopause and Hormone Treatment: Causes, Symptoms and Solutions

Hormone imbalance treatment for menopause symptoms can vary depending on your symptoms and how severe they are. One common treatment option is hormone replacement therapy, which replaces the natural hormones that your body no longer makes during menopause as well as during some medical conditions that can cause hormone imbalance. This therapy can help with Read More


The Top Five Natural Ways to Improve Women’s Health

Egg health Getting pregnant can be frustrating when it isn’t happening as easily as planned. There are many reasons you could be dealing with a difficult pregnancy including egg health. There are many factors that play into egg health including blood circulation, stress and hormonal balance. For improving blood and oxygen flow, try to get Read More

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Natural Ways to Heal Autoimmune Conditions

There are more than 80 chronic illnesses that are immune related including rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, thyroid disease, inflammatory bowel disease, lupus, and celiac disease. Autoimmune diseases result when the immune system mistakenly attacks its own body’s tissues. Immune deficiency is more common than most people think; around 20 percent of the population suffers Read More

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Acupuncture Sticks It To Sports Injuries

Almost everybody has participated in sports activities at some point in their life.  Along with playing sports comes the possibility of getting injured. Most of the time it’s something simple like a sprained ankle or general overuse of a muscle causing pain.  For those weekend warriors and everyday athletes, it just means a couple of Read More

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Overcoming Depression

One of the most common frustrations for those suffering from depression is the lack of motivation to do regular daily activities, an inability to find enjoyment and an overwhelming amount of negative thoughts. Depression cannot be simply cured by “mind over matter”, but that does not mean it can’t be treated and improved significantly. Depression Read More


Fertility Acupuncture and TCM Research

In 2015, I published my first book entitled,”The Smart Couples Guide to Getting Pregnant, An Integrated Approach.” While the research regarding acupuncture and herbal medicine in the treatment of infertility is still very relevant, the following links are from research that has been published since 2017 and goes into further details about how acupuncture and Read More


It’s National Infertility Awareness Week!!

This week all of us at Florida Complete Wellness want to give our support to the millions of women and couples who struggle with trying to conceive. We will be featuring inspiring patient stories, LIVE Q&A’s, treatment giveaways on Instagram and virtual fertility yoga classes to help bring more awareness to our community. Please join Read More