Taming Emotional Eating

Welcome to Episode 3, Season 1 of The PCOS Revolution Podcast! Today we speak with Deborah Beaumont, holistic nurse and functional medicine practitioner about how to address emotional eating with PCOS. Learn tips and tricks to overcome holiday temptation and stressful eating patterns in today’s episode.

About Our Guest: Deborah Beaumont is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse and two time cancer survivor.  After experiencing frustrations and complications not well addressed by a strictly conventional medicine approach she began looking outside of traditional medicine to support her in reaching her health goals and became a Functional Medicine Practitioner.  Deborah not only specializes in working with women recovering from breast cancer but is passionate about supporting women who struggle with emotional eating and have a disordered relationship with food, eating and nutrition.  She feels that an integration of the emotional aspects of eating and nutrition is what’s missing in most “diets” and weight loss attempts. As a certified functional medicine practitioner and is a holistic and integrative health uses mind-body practices to empower women to take charge of their health and recovery. To find out more about Deborah go to www.MindBodyNutritionRN.com Contact Deborah at radicalhealthRN@gmail.com for:

  • a complimentary 20 min health discovery consult
  • Receive a copy of the Holiday Survival Guide
  • Discuss what nutrition program (Ketogenic, low carb etc.) might be right for you

Disclaimer: The information in this podcast is intended for general audience only and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace professional medical advice.




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