All About Hormones: DUTCH Testing In-Depth With Dr. Carrie Jones

Welcome to Episode 8 of Season 4 of The PCOS Revolution Podcast

All About Hormones: DUTCH Testing In-Depth With Dr. Carrie Jones

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In today’s episode, we get laser-focused on how to test hormones such as cortisol and testosterone along with so much more from the comfort of your own home with Dr. Carrie Jones, Medical Director of Precision Analytical, Inc. We’ll also discuss the best methods to measure your hormones during a long menstrual cycle (over 35 days) and how to discuss the DUTCH (dried urine test for comprehensive hormones) with your provider.

You’ll also learn:

  • When to consider blood vs dried urine testing for PCOS
  • The best time to test your hormones with the DUTCH test and what teens can learn from it
  • What your cortisol says about the way you handle stress, weight gain and mood swings
  • The subtle warning signs your cortisol could be telling you about your thyroid

I promise you, you don’t want to miss this!

Links Mentioned:

Precision Analytical (DUTCH Complete and Cycle-Mapping Info For Patients)

Florida Complete Wellness

About Our Guest:

Carrie Jones, ND, MPH is a naturopathic doctor whose passion and expertise lies in the areas of hormonal, adrenal, and thyroid health. She recognizes that imbalance can occur at any age and believes it is important to look at the big picture such as the appropriate use of lab testing. Dr. Jones graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in Portland, Oregon then went on to complete her residency in women’s health, endocrinology and hormones. Later she graduated from Grand Canyon University’s Master of Public Health program with a goal of doing more international work and health empowerment. Dr. Jones is an adjunct professor at NUNM and regularly consults, lectures, and writes on the topic of hormones, thyroid, adrenals, digestive issues, autoimmune and more both nationally and internationally. As the Medical Director for Precision Analytical, Inc., her goals are to provide ongoing cutting edge integrative clinical education to the large network of providers paving the way of healthcare with functional medicine.

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