Beyond Birth Control: Emilee’s Story

Welcome to Episode 5 of Season 5 of the The PCOS Revolution Podcast:

Beyond Birth Control: Emilee’s Story

When Emilee was a teenager, she was given one option to treat her severely irregular cycles: birth control pills. Even though her mother and sister both were diagnosed with PCOS, she found it extremely hard to get clear answers on other options that could naturally support her PCOS symptoms. In this episode, Emilee shares how she went from having only 2 periods each year to having a 35-day cycle and ultimately achieving pregnancy naturally (after experiencing a pregnancy loss with fertility medications) using the strategies taught in The PCOS Revolution 90-Day Reset.

“About a year ago I remember being so lost on my PCOS journey. I wanted so badly to find a way to conceive naturally, it’s always been a huge goal of mine. But without a regular cycle (period maybe twice a year) it seemed so far out of reach.
Last summer I stumbled upon the PCOS Revolution podcast and immediately knew I needed to reach out to Dr. Duro for help. For years I had been trying to google all of my answers and I was getting all sorts of suggestions. It felt so good to finally have someone “sit down” with me and go over my Dutch test and really see what was going on. But even after all of that I really couldn’t wrap my head around the idea that I could ever actually become pregnant. I had tried Clomid before, worked with fertility clinics all over the place, could this really work for me?

I still cannot believe it.. here we are, 6 months into Blossoms, my vitamins and change in diet and we are 7 weeks pregnant.”

Today you’ll learn:

-Which herbs, supplements and testing were crucial in helping with finally syncing Emilee’s cycle

-How to distinguish a long cycle vs pregnancy according to BBT charting

-The power of support to overcome the challenges of PCOS


Blossom Herbs by Evergreen Herbs

DUTCH Test kit and consultation

Florida Complete Wellness

The PCOS Revolution 90-Day Reset (Enter code EARLY to receive $100 off until May 7th at midnight EST!)

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