Kicking Those PCOS Blues to the Curb With Deborah Beaumont, APRN

Welcome to Episode 3, Season 3 of The PCOS Revolution Podcast

Today we chat with Deborah Beaumont, holistic nurse and functional medicine practitioner about how to kick those PCOS blues to the curb. In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • A specific breathing method that can calm anxiety in 6 seconds flat
  • Alternatives to consider when faced with depression that just won’t lift
  • How to get to the root of mood swings and PMS

About Our Guest:

Deborah Beaumont is an Advance Practice Nurse and Functional Medicine Practitioner who specializes in working with women recover their health after breast cancer.  Going through her own recovery Deborah found many aspects of healing were not addressed by conventional doctors.  She helps women address deficiencies that are often missed during and after cancer treatment and helps women correct hormonal and nutritional issues to resolve common symptoms such as chemo brain and exhaustion that are not well treated.

Deborah works privately with clients and is enrolling for her group program Beyond Breast Cancer: Navigate the New Normal and Recover Your Health and Vitality Post Treatment.  Contact Deborah at for more information or to schedule a free integrative health consult.
To hear more about women’s health issues, hormone issues and breast cancer recovery tune into Deborah’s weekly podcast Boobs Aren’t Worth Dying For.


Inositol Research on Depression and Anxiety:

Boobs Aren’t Worth Dying For Podcast

Florida Complete Wellness

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