Overcoming Infertility & PCOS Naturally: Stephanie’s Story

Welcome to Episode 4 of Season 5 of the The PCOS Revolution Podcast:

Overcoming Infertility & PCOS Naturally: Stephanie’s Story

After ten years of being on birth control and then undergoing several attempts at medicated fertility treatment, Stephanie shares her journey of what finally made the difference in taking control of her PCOS symptoms and ultimately conceiving naturally.

In search of a deeper reason as to why her body wasn’t working as it should, she sought guidance through listening to this podcast, educating herself about PCOS and joining our PCOS Revolution 90-Day Reset program.

In this episode, Stephanie shares what finally made the difference in getting her hormones, energy and fertility on track. You can also watch the video of this interview here;)

Links Mentioned:

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Fertility Friday podcast

The Smart Couple’s Guide to Getting Pregnant, An Integrative Approach by Farrar Duro, AP, FABORM

Florida Complete Wellness 

The PCOS Revolution 90-Day Reset (Enter code EARLY to receive $100 off until May 7th at midnight EST!)

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