Acupuncture, IVF and Herbs: Meghan’s Story

Episode: “Acupuncture, IVF and Herbs: Meghan’s Story”

Welcome to Episode 3 of Season 2 of the The PCOS Revolution

In this episode, Meghan Jacobs and I discuss using acupuncture and herbal medicine in conjunction with IVF.

Meghan shares her frustrations and triumphs in overcoming her PCOS through acupuncture, diet, herbs and several rounds of IVF. She is currently pregnant and shares what worked and what drove her crazy about trying to conceive with PCOS.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

– Specific tools for improving fertility all women with PCOS need to know about (so you can understand how to increase your IVF success rate with acupuncture and herbal medicine)

– How Meghan learned to overcome her frustrations of not succeeding the first time and coping with loss

– An in-depth peek into Meghan’s strategy with improving her PCOS symptoms (and how it holds the key to success with using acupuncture and herbal medicine in conjunction with IVF)

To hear her story, tune in now!

About Our Guest:

Along with being a patient at Florida Complete Wellness, Meghan Jacobs is also:

– A Clinical Neuropsychologist

– Struggled with Infertility For Years Due to PCOS

– Overcame Her Infertility Using Acupuncture in Conjunction with IVF

– Has a 5 Year Old Daughter and Is Currently Pregnant with Second Child

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