There's Never Been a More Important Time to Achieve Your Most Vibrant Health

In response to COVID-19 and for your safety, we will be offering Telehealth (or Virtual) visits for our new and established patients. 

Currently, insurance companies are broadening their coverage for telemedicine through mid-June of 2020.

This means you do not need telemedicine or acupuncture coverage on your plan during the COVID-19 national health crisis in order to have a telehealth visit*. 

While most insurances are indicating that the standard copay will not apply to this type of visit, we will verify that before your visit.  

Your telemedicine session will include:

  • Consultation/review of symptoms

    • Just like a regular acupuncture treatment, we will discuss your conditions and

      review your symptoms. We may also ask to see your tongue and throat during the intake

      to help provide us a better understanding of what is occurring.

  • Diagnosis & Treatment Plan

    • Individual diagnosis tailored to your specific condition and needs

  • Stretching and Exercises

    • Specific stretches, acupressure and exercises can be tailored and given to you to help reduce

      pain and balance muscular inconsistencies

  • Diet and Nutritional Recommendations

    • Recommendations are made based on both western and eastern perspectives,

      to give the most complete care possible

  • Herbal Prescriptions

    • Chinese herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years, and can be

      applied for many conditions and symptoms. We have the ability ship customized

      internal and external formulas directly to your home so you can enjoy the

      benefit without having to further expose yourself.

  • General Counseling

    • We can provide general counseling and advice, as well breathing and meditation

      exercises to help reduce any psychological or emotional stress

For those who do not have insurance, our time of service fee applies.

How Telemedicine works:

On the day of your appointment, you will receive an email with a link to the portal.

You do NOT need to download anything.

Click the link at the time of your appointment and you will enter the “waiting room.”

When Dr. Aracena or Duro are ready to start the visit, they will initiate the visit and your video and audio will connect.

We will continue to monitor the recommendations provided by our state board and CDC on a regular basis and looking forward to seeing each and every one of our patients very soon.  

Your health care is important and necessary – whether that be counseling, updating your plan, reviewing labs, or recommending important lifestyle changes that can make huge differences over time – please continue to care for yourself and I look forward to (virtually) seeing you!

*We can never guarantee coverage for any visit, in person or telemedicine, due to the all the variations in insurance plans. If you are concerned, please contact your insurance carrier. If you do not have coverage, you will be billed our time of service fee. If there are financial constraints, please do not let this be a barrier to your care and reach out to us directly at